The rapidly increasing cyber security threats are forcing companies to significantly expand their cybersecurity efforts to survive in a digitally competitive world.
When it comes to cybersecurity maturity, only 43 percent of Business operations are at the right level to meet threat scenario.

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POWEX Deliver The Best Praxis How To Deploy BCMS & ISMS Compliance Within Your Business

A BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) is a management standard for:

  • Identifying operational disruption threats to an organisation;
  • Identifying the impacts on the organisation of those threats if they are realised;
  • Providing a framework for building organisational resilience and an effective response.
  • It’s a systematic approach to ensuring the organisation can survive any external threats to its continuity.

Deploying an ISO 27001-aligned information security management system (ISMS) is an essential step in building a more structured approach towards managing information security.

POWEX Are experts in to Design and build your infrastructure in way that you need in order to minimising your RISKS and IMPACT, at the most optimal cost.

Implement ISO 27000 And ISO 22301 Combined Together.
POWEX Is Your Preferred Partner And Guid In How To Do It by yourself or we can do it for you.

POWEX a IBITGQ ISO22301 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer (CBC LI)

Achieve compliance with ISO22301 and/or ISO 27000 with our Certified and senior Consultants. POWEX Consultancy Service has been specially designed for professional businesses. We will help you achieve certification-readiness in four months, guaranteed and take care of the entire implementation process up to certification-readiness.

Cyber Exposure Platform

 Many cyber attacks would have been prevented if only the organisations had known what they looked like from the outside. 

Find out your digital footprint, darkweb exposure, leaked data, visualise their visible ICT assets, and discover cyberattacks in preparation.

We have ten years of coverage from darkweb, Deepweb, and Data Breaches, and our data is utilised by organisations like Interpol and the United Nations. Our platform is incredibly quick to deploy, and does not require extensive training. Sign up for a test drive to find out why. What if you could effectively manage 50% more clients by being able to automatically identify gaps in your customer´s cyber security posture.

Ransomware is a problem that every one has but no one wants to talk about publicly

Weem Asked 350 IT Leaders From Organizations of All Sizes To Open Up and Tell Us What It Was Like To Survive a Cyber Attack.


of organizations lost at least some of their backup repositories during the attack


of ransomware attacks attempted to destroy backup data


of organizations who paid the ransom still could not recover their data


believe their risk management program is working well, with the rest either seeking improvement or do not have a program yet.

Ransomware Recovery with Warranty

Veeam’s® NEW Ransomware Recovery Warranty is an important part of a ransomware recovery strategy and provides you with access to the expertise and best practices you need to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. With Veeam’s Ransomware Recovery Warranty you have one more reason to have peace of mind. Make sure your organization is prepared with the partnership and protection offered through Veeam’s NEW Ransomware Recovery Warranty — proactive support with financial protection.



We live today in an information society where information is processed, stored and communicated to a greater extent than before. Both at our workplace and in our private lives, we handle large amounts of information on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important for organizations that their employees have good knowledge of secure information management.

The course offered here is between 2-3 hours and for about 30 people

Target group

• The training is aimed at everyone in a workplace and can be used as an introduction for new employees, temps, consultants and other hired personnel.

The purpose of the training is to give all employees a basic understanding of information security in a simple way.

The training contains ten different parts, all of which address different aspects of information security.

• Safe behavior

• Password

• Backup

• Cloud services

• Email

• Social Media

• Review the sender

• Harmful code

• Outside the workplace

• When things go wrong

Some Industries we are working With

Medical Device


Most companies take security seriously, but unfortunately, they don’t always have enough resources and right competencies.

And when you think the system is secure, the landscape changes and knowledge quickly become obsolete. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods to hijack corporate systems, making it seemingly impossible to be completely secure. Taking expert help is usually the best way to stay one step ahead.

It has become essential for companies to have BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT & CYBER SECURITY in focus. Customers and stakeholders require the company to follow requirements and regulations. The main idea is to show the stakeholders and authorities that the company IT systems do not pose any additional risks.


Is an International IT service and solution consultant company, in the public and private sectors. We offer a full range of IT service & competencies, and we help you harness the power of new technology while getting the most out of your existing Infrastructure in safe way . We work with the industry’s best supplier and partners and use our well-developed relationships to share resources with you. Our engineers have an impressive range of formal training, experience, and certificates to deliver your solutions. Our goal is to deliver solutions that maximize the return on your technology investments.

More Services


Welcome to our self-paced online training courses and certification.
We offer a range of courses, covering the ISO 27000, ISO 22301, GDPR, ITIL®, and Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) etc.

All of our courses being certificated or officially endorsed, you can be assured of their relevance and quality.

Discover a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom-based training with our self-paced online training courses.

Self-paced online training offers the following benefits:

  • Self-paced online training allows you to learn in easy, manageable chunk
  • Learning that suits your lifestyle
  • You can study at a time, place and pace that suits you – no more having to take time out to attend a course.
  • Test your knowledge
  • We apply accelerated learning with focused, interactive and instructor-led hands-on training.

Learning support

  • Our self-paced online training courses come with either learner guides or delegate packs to support your development.


  • Affordable alternative to traditional classroom-based training, without the additional costs of travel or accommodation.
  • Designed by experts
  • Delivered by experienced consultants, our self-paced online training courses are built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience in delivering governance, risk and compliance support to clients.


Audit of management systems in a broader perspective and to provide guidance that is more general.

Audit results can provide information for the analysis part of business planning and make it possible to identify improvement needs and improvement measures.

An audit is conducted according to guidance for the audit of management systems (ISO 19011:2018 /ISO27007) and addresses a range of audit criteria, separately or in combination, including but not limited to:

Requirements specified in one or more management system standards, policies and requirements established by relevant stakeholders, legal and regulatory requirements,

One or more processes within the management system defined by the organization or other parties,

Management system plan(s) to achieve specific results with a management system ( eg Quality Plan and Project Plan).

This standard provides guidance for all organizations, regardless of size and type, and for audits of varying scope, including audits performed by large audit teams, which is common for larger organizations, and audits performed by individual auditors, whether


High-quality services to assess the IT infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities by reviewing IT services configuration against the industry best practices and vendor’s recommendations.

High-quality penetration testing services – ScienceSoft uses predominantly manual security testing techniques combined with an automated approach. This approach fully validates all issues and vulnerabilities beyond scanner results.

Perform Gray Box Penetration Testing based on the NIST 800-115 guidance to evaluate the security and identify vulnerabilities by simulating attackers’ actions and unauthorized access to the data and IT resources.

With skilled Pentest engineer and IT Security Engineer to work on this project, and a dedicated Project/Account Manager will supervise them.

Our Deliverables :

Comprehensive Final Report with technical details of testing performed and findings, description of the methodology, and remediation recommendations.

Comprehensive Final Report with technical details of IT Cyber Risk Assessment performed and findings, description of the methodology, and remediation recommendations.

Executive Summary – could be used as a customer-facing document


Database security is the processes, tools, and controls that secure and protect databases against accidental and intentional threats. The objective of database security is to secure sensitive data and maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the database. In addition to protecting the data within the database, database security protects the database management system and associated applications, systems, physical and virtual servers, and network infrastructure.

Database security, it’s important to acknowledge that there are several types of security risks. Database security must guard against human error, excessive employee database privileges, hacker and insider attacks, malware, backup storage media exposure, physical damage to database servers, and vulnerable databases such as unpatched databases or those with too much data in buffers.

Types of database security

To achieve the highest degree of database security, organizations need multiple layers of data protection. To that end, a defense in depth (DiD) security strategy places multiple controls across the IT system. If one layer of protection fails, then another is in place to immediately prevent the attack, as illustrated below

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